ZEN WITHOUT BORDERS is a global community of Zen practice committed to a path of positive personal transformation. We foster a strong sense of reflection, action, connection, and belonging based on the deep wisdom and radical compassion of Buddhist teachings. The path of our practice is through the teachings of Soto Zen, offered in Spanish and adapted to the reality of the moment in which we live today. A millenary tradition, applicable and relevant to the daily life of each practitioner.
We remain in permanent connection and proximity, regardless of the geographical location where each practitioner is located or the occupations and life situations in which he or she is immersed. We achieve our goal by combining interactive digital platforms and face-to-face activities in a clear, consistent, and accessible way.

Founded in the Shunryu Suzuki lineage by Sozan Miglioli (President of the San Francisco Zen Center), Zen Without Borders is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation based in the US, with global reach. Its staff and practitioners are committed to fulfilling the Organization’s mission to advance Hispanic Zen Buddhism in communities in the US and around the world.

These are the values that guide the Zen Without Borders and its members: Deep wisdom and radical compassion are rooted in our vow towards the liberation of all beings.


We value correct speech, honest communication, respectful listening, healthy expression of disagreement, and openness to divergent points of view. We communicate with clarity and based on our buddhist values.


We strive to make the teachings and communities of practice visible and accessible to as many people as possible, whatever their setting, life stage, or geographic location. We offer a variety of means of interaction, always seeking to reduce any unnecessary barriers to participation.


We foster an inclusive and open climate that respects diversity and encourages collaboration and cooperation, regardless of opinions, class, nationality, culture, ethnicity, race, political views, age, gender, sexual orientation, and physical, perceptual, or mental abilities.


We support and provide life-long education based on the Buddha’s teachings of wisdom and compassion. We believe in supporting Zen practice and study for both lay practitioners and those who have chosen the path of priesthood. We strive to develop a current and next generation of teachers that will guide and support students in their Path of Practice.


We make an effort to understand and integrate Zen practice in a way that is applicable to the current reality of our daily personal lives, as well as in our relationships and activities in family, work, and social contexts.


We foster a strong sense of community, connection, and belonging among practitioners, striving for clear communication, respect, and mutual appreciation. We conduct educational and cultural programs and events that serve to nurture balance and harmony in the lives of engaged practitioners and the community at large.


We uphold the precious treasure of our Soto Zen Buddhist training, adapting the teachings as closely as possible to the cultural forms and traditions of each region. We rely on the wisdom and compassion inherited from our ancestors in their transmission of the Three Treasures: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.


We value responsible management of all resources. We work to be a people, financial, and operationally sustainable organization.


We forward our mission through a financial support policy designed to practice the virtue of Dana Paramita (generosity). We foster a culture of philanthropy by holding fundraising events, encouraging membership and volunteerism, and soliciting donations in support of our mission.


Through available «skillful means», we seek to make the greatest possible positive impact on our community, society, and the world. We are committed to the development of humanity towards a true place of deep wisdom and radical compassion as taught by the Buddha.

Many challenges need to be met to advance and preserve Hispanic Zen Buddhism. These challenges (cultural, financial, accessibility, reach…) are seen as an opportunity to grow and mature as a global Spanish-speaking Zen community, and Zen Without Borders works on creating the conditions to advance this practice for present and future generations of Hispanic Zen Buddhist practitioners.

Your support is key to the fulfillment of our mission.

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With your help we are a step closer to fulfilling our mission of advancing and preserving the Buddhadharma in Hispanic Zen communities around the world.